28 May 2024

What visitors of NEW HOUSING 2024 can expect

With just a few days to go, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre will once again be the meeting place for fans of tiny living from Germany and all over Europe. NEW HOUSING - Europe's largest Tiny House Festival will take place from 28 to 30 June - and this is wha

Houses, service providers, experts and much more - from 28 to 30 June, NEW HOUSING at Messe Karlsruhe will once again offer everything and perhaps more that fans of and those interested in all kinds of small living arrangements are interested in.

Many different house types

Almost 70 exhibitors will be presenting more than 30 houses at Europe's largest Tiny House Festival. These include Tiny Houses on Wheels, but also modular houses. These can be adapted to the respective living situation and scaled up or down accordingly. Overall, the range on show includes buildings in classic timber frame or lightweight aluminium construction, micro-apartments as well as single and mini houses. Visitors to Hall 1 will also encounter suppliers of practical furniture, banks and other service providers. Advice centres, such as the Tiny House Association, will also be on site.

The site plan

In addition to Hall 1, where most of the exhibitors will be located, NEW HOUSING will also take place in the green atrium. At the heart of the fair, visitors can view other houses up close. The Tiny Giants Area is available for those who want to see small giants.

Strong content

The workshops have been here before and are back at NEW HOUSING. These are designed for beginners as well as for Tiny House experts. Interested parties can work on various topics related to tiny houses in intensive courses. A workshop lasts about two hours, so that a relaxed visit to the festival is still possible.

An integral part of NEW HOUSING, and also taking part again this year, are the presentations by experts in the forum, which is being moderated for the first time this year. The 30-minute keynote speeches will cover topics such as ‘Building smaller in solid construction’, ‘Separate toilets in tiny houses’ and ‘Tiny house financing’. Nadine Nebel will also be present. The scientist from Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences will talk about her research project, in which she wants to find out, roughly speaking, how many square metres happiness needs.

NEW HOUSING at ‘tinyon’

Chris&Caro from the podcast ‘tinyon’ will be represented in both the workshops and the expert forum. As they did last year, they will be recording an episode live on the NEW HOUSING stage. They will talk about their first year of living in a tiny house and the 365 insights they have gained during this time.

Ramona Jonait, NEW HOUSING project manager, was a guest on the ‘tinyon’ podcast a few weeks ago. She says: ‘What I like about NEW HOUSING is that it is a unique platform for an industry that is still growing. The festival plays its part in bringing diverse players together and bringing more stability, acceptance and understanding to and for the market. I am most looking forward to a real festival feeling, to great moments of exchange, to a meeting of the most diverse people. Because we all have one thing in common: an interest in small-scale living.’

Music and culinary delights

The Tiny Concerts at NEW HOUSING will encourage people to come together and create a real festival feeling. On all three festival days from 12 noon to 2 pm - and on Saturday from 2.45 pm to 4.45 pm - young singer-songwriters will provide live music and perhaps give one or two people goosebumps.

A total of nine food trucks will be providing an unprecedented variety of culinary delights this year. From Mexican food to unusual fries and sweets, NEW HOUSING is sure to please every food lover.

Special service

Visitors on site, but also those interested at home, will receive a very special service this year. In the live blog, which will be available on the NEW HOUSING website, the trade fair team will provide regular updates on everything important about the festival.

‘Once again this year, the NEW HOUSING team has succeeded in creating a great mix of a valuable exhibition that is unique in Europe, highly interesting lectures and workshops, and a relaxed atmosphere worthy of a festival. I can hardly wait to see how visitors will take up the offer, what exciting discussions will arise and how the mini-house movement will continue to develop - also with the help of NEW HOUSING,’ says René Naumann, Head of the Own Exhibitions Division at Messe Karlsruhe.

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