The term Tiny House comes from America and literally means small house. Today it is used as a synonym for all forms of small living models and spaces.

Tiny Houses on Wheels, Mini Houses, modular building systems: what they all have in common is a greatly reduced living space - not to say a space concentrated on the essentials - and the possibility of individual design. There are no limits to the imagination: our exhibitors cover various forms of small housing.

Here you will find manufacturers, associations, advice centers, service providers and suppliers.

Interesting for you:

Our advantages speak for themselves:

The NEW HOUSING - Tiny House Festival is the largest of its kind in Germany. With 50 exhibitors, around 30 different houses, various suppliers and the opportunity to pass on their own knowledge in lectures and workshops, the NEW HOUSING offers a holistic community event with a feel-good character. Europe's largest Tiny House Festival also offers international exhibitors a platform.

The NEW HOUSING - Tiny House Festival offers direct contact and exchange with an interested audience thirsty for knowledge. With around 7,000 visitors and over 50 exhibitors, NEW HOUSING offers a platform for exchange and networking.

The festival character contributes significantly to the authenticity and invites to stay! The target group of NEW HOUSING appreciates the variety and quality - and even more, they are interested in the stories of the production and the materials used!

Take your chance to get direct feedback on your products and to network in the community.

The Karlsruhe fair offers, in addition to a spacious and green atrium, especially a glass, light-flooded circulation, which promises not only daylight, but also a view of the Tiny houses at the NEW HOUSING - Tiny House Festival, while you can get information about suppliers and associations in the entrance area of the fair!

The additionally used hall offers not only space, but also possibilities for the presentation of larger houses (not on wheels).

Furthermore, the spacious, guarded area offers parking during the fair, which also allows smooth set-up and dismantling!

Fun Fact: Especially for the NEW HOUSING literally door and gate were opened. In order to allow the small houses to enter the atrium, we have worked hard for an extra wide and correspondingly high gate. Now nothing stands in the way of moving in.

Important information about delivery and shipping

Karlsruhe Trade Fair
Messeallee 1
76287 Rheinstetten

Deliveries will be made via Gate A

Driving on the exhibition grounds during set-up and dismantling as well as during the event (without a permanent parking permit in the inner grounds) is only permitted on payment of a deposit in cash. The amount will be forfeited if the specified loading time is exceeded. Vehicles must be unloaded as quickly as possible and removed from the exhibition grounds immediately. After unloading, vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas.

Please note: Entry for dismantling is possible from approx. 30 minutes after the end of the trade fair.

Please make sure that you schedule your package shipment so that it can be received by booth personnel on site:

[exhibitor name]
c/o Karlsruhe Trade Fair
[hall/booth number]
Messeallee 1
76287 Rheinstetten, Germany

If there is no staff at the booth, the shipment will be accepted under the following conditions (no liability):

  • Assignment by exhibitor name and hall/booth number is possible.
  • The package/mail item does not show any damage.
  • The following contents are excluded: Cash, jewelry, watches, furs, cell phones, digital cameras.
  • The exhibitor signs the handover bill upon collection.

Our contractual partner Simon Hegele is at your disposal for deliveries of pallets, intermediate storage, unloading assistance, etc. To order please use the form "Logistics" via the Online Service Center or contact the forwarding agency directly.

The contact details of the contact person will be provided here shortly.

All exhibition stands over 2.50m in height, special structures and special constructions, mobile stands, vehicles and containers in the halls, the use of balloons/ flying objects and drones, the use of a stand sound system/laser system and the installation of kitchen/cooking areas and fireplaces are subject to approval.

Please provide appropriate safety equipment (railings/handrails) for elevated access or the construction of terraces (from a height of 40cm).

Please submit an application for a stand construction permit via the customer account in our Online Service Center no later than 6 weeks before the start of construction. For this purpose, please book the "Application for stand construction permit" and upload the required documents in the Online Service Center. You will receive the access data for this with the stand confirmation.

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