The Tiny House Festival offers you the opportunity to talk to exhibitors, manufacturers, service providers and associations. But also with other interested people.

We have put together a diverse program of lectures and workshops. Let yourself be inspired by the experiences of the Tiny House community. Ask your questions and get answers:

  • What do you have to consider for the Tiny House project? In the planning but also the implementation for self-builders.
  • What help is there in terms of financing and floor space?
  • What is life in a Tiny House really like?
  • What motivates other community members to take this step?

Exhibitors of the new Housing Festival

Our exhibitors

What would a festival be without a line-up? At our festival, the exhibitors are also the performers. Our festival lives from the diversity of the exhibitors and their houses and models. Discover our diversity here and get ideas and inspiration.



The "godfather" of the German Tiny House movement, Hanspeter Brunner, began building Tiny Houses back in 2013, when the topic was still virtually unknown in Germany. He found inspiration in Jay Shafer, who started the trend in the USA. His thesis that "real quality of life does not depend on the accumulation of things" has since met with ever greater approval. In addition to (do-it-yourself) experience reports, the lecture program offers many informative presentations on topics such as sustainability, pitch search, efficient construction methods, but also literature presentations.

Our partners

The NEW HOSUING - Tiny House Festival is supported by numerous cooperation and media partners. We thank you for the trust and the good cooperation!

Our premium partners


Wohnglü is there to help anyone looking for help on the topics of property search, building, modernising and living: with customised digital services and more than 2,000 guide articles. When it comes to Tiny Houses, the portal is the number one on the German-language Internet and also offers Tiny House financing.

Tiny House Verband e.V.

The network, consisting of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, promoters and associations, is committed to simplifying the provision of pitches and land for small-scale mobile housing, with or without wheels.

More information about the goals and members can be found on the information pages.