14 May 2024

Largest culinary offer to date

NEW HOUSING is the most important meeting place for tiny house fans from all over Europe. To ensure that they are well catered for, this year's culinary offering is bigger than ever.

Whether it's Mexican delicacies, unusual chips or delicious sweets - in addition to its more almost 70 exhibitors and more than 30 houses, the workshops and the expert forum, NEW HOUSING also impresses in culinary terms. Never before has the range of food and drink on offer been as extensive as this year.

A total of nine food trucks are waiting to cater for visitors to NEW HOUSING. For the first time, the food on offer is divided into several areas - the Tiny Giants Area, the Atrium and the Action Hall.

Tex-Mex, curry and more

Texicos from Wiesbaden will be represented for the first time at Europe's largest trade fair for small living spaces of all kinds. Friends of Tex-Mex cuisine and lovers of quesadillas, tacos and burritos will get their money's worth in the Atrium.

The company Fächerfritten will also be at NEW HOUSING for the first time. The Karlsruhe-based company offers special chips in chilli cheese or guacamole flavours. Fächerfritten will be located in the Atrium.

Kostbar Waldkirch from the town of the same name also operates a food truck in addition to its restaurant. The company will be in the Tiny Giants area at NEW HOUSING. Special burger variations are on offer.

If you like Italian food, Porta Pinsa Via is the place for you. Also located in the Tiny Giants Area, the mobile caterer from Karlsruhe offers savoury and sweet pinsas.

Speaking of desserts. An old acquaintance of NEW HOUSING is Popice. The Karlsruhe-based company has three stands at Europe's largest Tiny House Festival - in the Atrium, in the Action Hall and in the Tiny Giants Area. Visitors can also satisfy their caffeine cravings there.

Lovers of a good curry will find what they are looking for at two food trucks. Street Cookery's offer Indian curries. The Karlsruhe-based company has often been represented at the trade fair and will be located in the atrium this year. The Sonnenhof Currymobile is also an old favourite at NEW HOUSING. These curries are available in the Tiny Giants area.

With Leftovercocking, an old acquaintance is back at NEW HOUSING. The Karlsruhe-based company offers bowls, pitas and more - all of which are sustainable, fair and 100 per cent vegan. Their food can be purchased in the Atrium.

Chicken Dinner also offers chips, curry sausage, chicken nuggets and other fast food in the Atrium. The company from Neckarsulm was already at NEW HOUSING last year.

Fluidum is all about liquids. Whether water, soft drinks, long drinks or other beverages, visitors can find a large selection in the Tiny Giants Area in Mannheim, just like in 2023.

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