10 May 2024

From tiny house builders to separating toilets: these are the exhibitors at NEW HOUSING

Almost 70 exhibitors will be presenting more than 30 mini houses, accessories, furniture and more from various areas of minimalist living at NEW HOUSING from June 28 to 30. Here is a selection of the exhibitors - sorted by category.

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Tiny House (On Wheels)

Eco Tiny-House

The Romanian company Eco Tiny-House has already built more than 450 Tiny-Houses and customized more than 300 of them to the specific personal needs and wishes of its customers. Eco Tiny-House offers compact and sustainable living solutions that meet the needs of a broad customer group such as private households and companies that are looking for sustainable living solutions. The fact that the CEO himself lives in a Tiny House underlines the company's commitment to its products and the underlying way of life. Eco Tiny-House offers the opportunity to of trial living.

This is an example of a "Tiny Getaway" from Eco Tiny-House. (Image: Eco Tiny-House)

Mobi House Deutschland GmbH

Mobi House Deutschland from Rostock focuses on producing small, compact living solutions that are suitable for both camping and permanent living. Despite their size, these tiny houses offer everything you need for living. In particular, people who prefer a deliberately minimalist lifestyle and are looking for an alternative to expensive rental apartments or real estate in the city will find the right partner here.

This is what the MOBIKOLOS interior could look like. (Image: Mobi House Deutschland GmbH)

Raumszene GmbH

Raumszene GmbH from Karlsruhe is presenting its Tiny and modular house prototypes and its range of services to the public for the first time at NEW HOUSING 2024. The combination of design and sufficient living appeals to a wide range of private and corporate customers who are looking for individual and sustainable living solutions. At the trade fair, the employees of Raumszene GmbH are looking forward to exchanging ideas with interested visitors and like-minded people and receiving valuable feedback on their own work.


The Tiny Houses from SOLIDO WOOD HOUSE are designed for self-sufficient living and offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly housing option. As an off-grid living solution, the Tiny Houses on Wheels are ideal for renting out or as an AirBNB. Although the SOLIDO WOOD HOUSE team does not live permanently in a tiny house itself, it regularly uses them for leisure activities and therefore knows exactly what needs and requirements its customers have. After NEW HOSUING 2023 was a great experience for them, they are participating for the second time this year.

A Tiny House on Wheels is perfect as an off-grid living solution (Image: SOLIDO WOOD HOUSE SRL)

Modular/ Small house

ABC Wohnen GmbH (Kleinsteinhaus.de)

True to its name, the company from Bunde specializes in small buildings in solid construction with a focus on energy efficiency. According to ABC Wohnen, its houses are ideal for couples, singles, people approaching retirement age, minimalists and investors looking for a small property. The first show home is currently being built in Emden in the East Frisia region.

This is what the small stone houses from ABC Wohnen GmbH can look like. (Image: ABC Wohnen GmbH)

EDEN Spaces byGeorg Ackermann GmbH

EDEN Spaces by Georg Ackermann from Wiesenbronn is presenting its market entry at NEW HOUSING 2024. The company offers a wide range of tiny house kits that enable people to build their own homes precisely, digitally, easily and sustainably - from kits to turnkey solutions. Houses from EDEN Spaces claim to be completely demountable and changeable in design. This is made possible by a patented plug-in system. This means that all materials can be separated into their individual components again without gluing. The window cut-out fits without the need for additional measurements. The house adapts flexibly to the needs and preferences of the target group. The company also offers the option of trial living as well as support with self-construction.

The patented plug-in system from EDEN Spaces makes gluing unnecessary. (Image: Georg Ackermann GmbH)
This is what the interior of the DQTower looks like. (Image: DQApartments GmbH)

DQApartments GmbH

The modular house manufacturer DQApartments from Zimmern presents a world first: the only Tiny House that is built upwards. With a footprint of around 4x4 meters and three floors, the DQTower offers an innovative solution to the lack of space and living space. The target group for the DQTower includes investors, landlords, digital nomads, city administrations and companies looking for flexible and efficient solutions.

Greenflax Innovations GmbH

Greenflax Innovations GmbH from Berlin is a new exhibitor at NEW HOUSING 2024 and will be presenting its modular houses. To see the quality of these houses for themselves, interested parties have the opportunity to try them out via trial living.

Iglucraft OÜ

This Estonian manufacturer offers saunas and cabins built with natural materials and first-class craftsmanship. Iglucraft OÜ offers handcrafted turnkey solutions suitable for architects, property owners, AirBnB accommodation developers and anyone dreaming of a sophisticated retreat. The employees themselves enjoy using the cabins and saunas in their own igloo park for weekend stays, thus perfecting their product even further. Iglucraft OÜ describes itself as the "something different that everyone has been waiting for". To see for yourself, there is the possibility of a trial stay.

This is a cabin from Iglucraft - additionally equipped with a whirlpool. (Image: Iglucraft OÜ)

Little Lodge GmbH

Visitors to the trade fair can look forward to seeing Little Lodge GmbH from Burladingen, a manufacturer of mini houses. The company builds the mini houses in cross-laminated timber construction, which are specially designed for long-term living. Particular attention is paid to the sustainability of the materials, which are sourced from the region wherever possible. Little Lodge's mini houses appeal to a broad target group, including young and older couples looking for a compact yet comfortable living solution.

This is what the mini house in cross-laminated timber construction from Little Lodge looks like. (Image: Little Lodge GmbH)

Schwörer Haus KG

FlyingSpaces - that's the name of the mini houses that Schwörer Haus from Hohenstein is bringing to NEW HOUSING 2024. According to the manufacturer, the little houses are suitable for living in the countryside as well as for urban densification. Whether a workplace, private wellness oasis, granny apartment or guest wing - with FlyingSpaces, living space can be expanded in no time at all. The residential modules are placed freely in the garden or simply connected to the existing main building - also stacked on top of each other on two floors or as a barrier-free residential unit. The company offers the option of a trial home as well as support with self-construction.

This is an example of a GreenLivingSpace, which is located in Langenhagen. (Image: Schwörer Haus KG)


Attending NEW HOUSING for the second time, TINY SYSTEMS from Neckarsulm focuses in particular on turnkey modular houses, which are delivered as a single unit and have an area of around 50 square meters. These houses are characterized by an extremely short delivery time of just four months and are ready for use within one day of delivery. The company also offers support for self-assembly. While TINY SYSTEMS appeals to a broad target group, most customers are over 50 and looking for a suitable home for retirement. All homes are therefore also offered barrier-free and age-appropriate.

This is how the modular houses from TINY SYSTEMS are delivered. (Image: TINY SYSTEMS)

Wolf System GmbH

The portfolio of Wolf System from Osterhofen ranges from houses, stables and halls to carports, commercial and industrial buildings. Wolf System's customer group is just as diverse as its repertoire. From farmers who want to expand their farm with a new detached house to senior citizens who want a barrier-free home, Wolf System offers the right building concept for everyone. As a special highlight at NEW HOUSING, Wolf System will be presenting its bungalows, which offer comfortable living in a manageable space from 20 square meters. These living concepts convince with their innovation, sustainability and optional accessibility.

The senior module is one of the barrier-free options offered by Wolf System GmbH. (Image: Wolf System GmbH)

Wunder-Werker GbR Heinrich Baumann

This company from Sasbach offers tiny modular houses, mobile Black Forest saunas and professional gardening and landscaping. At Wunder-Werker, customers have the opportunity to design their unique home, supported by architects and craftsmen from a single source. Wunder-Werker are convinced that with the right design, a Tiny House is in no way inferior to a standard house.

According to the provider, every Tiny modular house from Wunder-Werker GmbH is unique. (Image: Wunder-Werker GbR Heinrich Baumann)

Tiny House accessories

Separett GmbH

Separett from Hanover has been developing water-free toilet solutions for more than 45 years. These offer sanitary solutions where water or wastewater systems can pose a problem. In addition, they are able to support self-sufficiency, off-grid and water-saving orientation. A Separett toilet can save around 32 liters of water per person per day, which is particularly beneficial for minimalist living and locations without a functioning sewage system. This is the third time in a row that they are exhibiting at NEW HOUSING!

The dry separation toilet from Separett fits into many tiny houses. (Image: Separett GmbH)

Vinylit Fassaden GmbH

Vinylit Fassaden GmbH from Kassel claims to be an innovation leader in the field of recycled and recyclable plastic facades. The company promises a material cycle for its products of around 170 years. PVC production waste is immediately recycled in specially developed facilities and fed back into the production process. Regular painting of the facades should also be a thing of the past, as soiling can be easily removed with a high-pressure cleaner.

This is an example of a Vinylit facade on a Tiny House. (Image: Vinylit Fassaden GmbH)
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