2 Jun 2023

Atrium, dm-Arena, Tiny Giants Area: This is the festival area

Anyone who was at NEW HOUSING last year and will be there again this year will notice that the festival area has grown. Therefore, here is an overview of the grounds.

NEW HOUSING is growing! Europe's largest Tiny House Festival is becoming more and more popular. For this reason, the area of the fair, where lectures take place, Tiny Houses are presented and music is played, is larger this year than in previous years.


The Atrium of Messe Karlsruhe is the jewel in the crown. In the green outdoor area, visitors can see more classic Tiny Houses in Wheels. The following exhibitors are represented here: Aurora Company Sp, edvanture energie, Firetube, Hemer Fensterbau, HolzHerz, Tiny House Familiy and tiny-home-deutschland. The atrium is also the place to go for all those who are hungry. They will find food trucks from Leftovercooking, Popice, Restaurant Sonnenhof Currymobild and Street Cookery's there.

Exhibition grounds overview
The largest area of NEW HOUSING is the dm Arena. This is where most of the exhibitors, the music dome and the festival forum are located.

dm Arena

Visitors will find most of the exhibitors in the dm Arena. It offers plenty of space for larger and smaller houses. In the arena you will find various types of houses, such as modular houses, but also other small forms of housing.

The following exhibitors will be in the largest hall at NEW HOUSING: Alois Kober, Aquatiris Sas, B4H Brennstoffzelle4Home, Casa Creciente, Dein Tiny. Haus, Donau Tiny House, EJL Immobilien, EKSADO Yapi, EthikBank, Gelzhäuser, Hocomo, Holzbau Pallmann, IGEL, Immowenk Immobilien, IndiViva Mobile Häuser, Jung Pumpen, Kodasema, Küpper Inselanlagen, kumi Living, Leonie Würl Tischlerin, Locumunalis, Mobi House, Modular Contructions, Mooble House, morai, Neohome, Precofab Deutschland, Ralston Colour&Coatings, Schwarzwald Tiny, Schwärer Haus, Separett, SOLIDO WOOD HOUSE, Studio Schneider, Tiny House Village, Tiny Systems Bincan, TinyForYou, Top House 1000, Unsinn Fahrzeugtechnik, Vagoon House Europe, Viessmann Deutschland, Vrøgum-Svarre, Weehouse and Weitzer Wärmeparkett. A list of all exhibitors is available HERE.

Associations inform

Associations will also present themselves in the arena and answer questions about the topic. These are: Tiny Haus Lechrain, Tiny House Bielefeld, Tiny Houses Karlsruhe and the Tiny House Association. Chris&Caro from the podcast "tinyon" will also be there.

The festival forum will also be in the arena. There, experts will tell you everything you need to know about Tiny Houses and life in and with them. Also in the dm Arena is the NEW HOUSING music area, where young musicians and a DJ will ensure a good mood on all three days of the festival.

Tiny Giants Area

The Tiny Giants Area is located in the outdoor area. It is adjacent to the dm Arena and the Atrium. Kodasema from Estonia and morai from Allgäu will be exhibiting in this area. With an area of around 45 square metres, these Tiny Houses are somewhat larger than most other mini houses.

You can find more information on NEW HOUSING at: www.new-housing.de

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