30 May 2023

The little giants of the Tiny House Festival

Between mini houses and detached houses, there is another category: Tiny Giants. They will be on show at NEW HOUSING. But what exactly are the little giants anyway?

If houses have less than 50 square metres of space, they are usually called Tiny Houses. Conventional houses usually have around 130 square metres. In between, however, there is another category: our Tiny Giants.

At NEW HOUSING from 30 June to 2 July, there will be a Tiny Giants Area for the first time. It will be located behind the dm-Arena in the direction of Hall 3 and on the long side of the Atrium at Messe Karlsruhe.

As a rule, Tiny Houses, including low-loaders, are no higher than four metres. Our Tiny Giants are a little taller and show that size is a matter of interpretation.

Insight into a Tiny House from the Estonian manufacturer Kodasema (Image: Kodasema)
The Estonian manufacturer Kodasema will be showing its houses at NEW HOUSING 2023 in the new Tiny Giants Area. (Image: Kodasema)

Exhibiting in the Tiny Giants Area of NEW HOUSING will be the Estonian exhibitor Kodasema and Morai from Allgäu. Kodasema has been building tiny houses since 2014 and with the KIDA Loft Extended has a 45.8 square metre tiny giant in its portfolio. The cottage even offers an extra room in the back of the house. It therefore offers more privacy than Tiny Houses, but is just as flexible and can be moved with the owner to another city or country if necessary.

Morai: Tiny Giants
Morai has been building Tiny Houses since 2023. With shed connect, the company also offers a Tiny Giant. (Image: morai)

Morai has been building Tiny Giants since the beginning of the year. Among other things, the company offers shed conntect. The minimal house has a living space of 45 square metres and a total area of 90 square metres. The three rooms are designed for two to six people. The property is an Efficiency House 54. Like the other Morai houses, shed connect impresses with sustainable materials and an efficient construction method.

Portrait Matthias Jundt
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