2 Jun 2023

From sewage disposal, to energy supply, to the new industry standard for Tiny Houses

During NEW HOUSING from 30 June to 2 July, numerous experts will explain everything worth knowing about Tiny Houses. These are some of the highlights.

NEW HOUSING - Europe's largest Tiny House Festival - offers more than 30 mini houses and accessories as well as many lectures on living in a Tiny House. On the three days of the festival, 30 June and 1 and 2 July, visitors can listen to experts in a relaxed atmosphere in the dm arena of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. Each lecture will last half an hour, after which there will be an opportunity to ask the speakers questions. The Festival Forum will be open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Tiny House Insight
How does wastewater disposal work in Tiny Houses? This is the topic of the lecture by Dr. Andreas Kämpf on 30 June from 1 pm in the NEW HOUSING Forum.

Some highlights of the Forum

On 30 June, Dr. Andreas Kämpf will speak on the topic of wastewater disposal from 1 pm. This is often difficult in Tiny Houses. Often there is no direct connection to a sewage system. Therefore, decentralised solutions such as separation or composting toilets and constructed wetlands are often used for local treatment. Easier than connecting a Tiny House to the public sewage treatment plant is the use of pressure drainage systems. With these, the drainage of tiny houses can be realised with much less effort. Dr. Andreas Kämpf from Jung Pumpen will explain exactly how the process works. From 5 p.m. onwards, Marc Spieser from Aquatiris will present the PHYTOTINY and wastewater treatment systems for individual housing concepts in his lecture.

Affordable housing

The creation of affordable housing will be the topic on the first day of the festival from 3 pm. Then Vanessa Wenk from Tinymalisto will explain how your own four walls can become a reality. Wenk has been a real estate expert for over 13 years and was the managing director of Immowenk.

Caro and Chris from
Caro and Chris record an episode for their podcast "tinyon" live on the NEW HOUSING stage.

Live Podcast on Day 2

The Forum will start with a premiere on the second day. Caro and Chris from "tinyon" will record an episode of their podcast live on stage from 10 am. The two will reflect on their own path to the Tiny House and give valuable tips and impulses on what interested parties should pay attention to. Already in the run-up, they both recorded an episode with NEW-HOUSING project manager Ramona Jonait (german).

It has recently been published, and from 12 noon on 1 July Martin Zeller will explain the new industry standard for tiny houses on stage. In his lecture, the designer and standards expert will show how it was possible to create a standard for the construction of Tiny Houses for the first time. The talk will cover the most important requirements for responsible construction and more.

Ilka Mutschelknaus will be on stage from 2 pm. The qualified building biologist and sustainability consultant will say how a Tiny House can be built completely sustainably and how Tiny Houses can be promoted as part of the New Housing class.

Expert forum in the entrance area of Messe Karlsruhe
Last year, the NEW HOUSING expert forum was well attended. There are also many exciting presentations for 2023.

Tiny Houses in trees

Starting at 11 a.m., Anne Kozlowksi will talk about finding the dream plot for your own mini house. The speaker will tell builders what to look out for when searching for a site, what regulations need to be observed and what aspects should be considered when planning efficiently in a small space.

From 2 p.m., Martin Zeller will talk about an unusual topic: Tiny Houses in trees. Among other things, he will ask and answer the question: What would it be like if, when building plots are made available, the areas are not cleared but the naturally grown stock of plants is preserved? The designer and planner will present different types of tree houses and use pictures to demonstrate the efficiency of Tiny Tree Houses.

Max Milde from Vagoon House Europa will close the forum at 5 pm. He explores the question "Have we become the modern slaves of the real estate industry?" and says "how the dream of owning your own home is hardly realisable anymore and what Tiny Houses have to do with it".

What other lectures and topics there are in the NEW HOUSING festival forum can be found HERE.

More information on NEW HOUSING is available at: www.new-housing.de

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