23 May 2023

Tiny House Association defines for the first time"Industry Standard Small Buildings"

When is a Tiny House a Tiny House? What are the minimum requirements for Tiny Houses? How can building applications for mini houses be approved more easily? In the future, the "Industry Standard for Small Buildings" should help with this.

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular. However, there are still frequent problems with building laws and the associated permits for the construction of tiny houses. To counteract this and to summarise the current state of the art of Tiny Houses, the Tiny House Association has now written down the "Industry Standard for Tiny Houses" for the first time.

Basis for small residential buildings

According to the association, the standard sees itself as a basis for the production of various small buildings by regulating the most important requirements for responsible construction. First and foremost, these are safety-related, other technical and building biology requirements. However, the requirements also include socially agreed criteria for sustainability.

By summarising the state of the art, the 13 authors of the standard aim to establish the requirements for a minimum quality in construction in such a way that - if the criteria are met - a building application and building permit are more likely to be granted.

Participants in the development of the standard

Involved in the preparation of the "Industrial Standard for Small Buildings" were representatives of industry, users of the standard, the association or interest group, science and research as well as testing bodies and representatives of building law. The standard was adopted unanimously by all members of the standards committee. The committee was chaired by Martin Zeller, an external expert in standardisation. The standardisation process was financed by the membership fees and donations of the associations - such as Tinyhouses Region Stuttgart e.V., Tiny Houses Karlsruhe e.V., Tiny House Lechrain e.V., Tiny House Bielefeld e.V. and tinyhouse FREISING e.V..

The industrial standard is available here

The "Industrienorm Kleingebäude" is available from Laible Verlagsprojekte. The magazine "Kleiner Wohnen" is also published there. The standard is available as a PDF or printed for 69 euros HERE (german version).

The Tiny House Association will also be on site at NEW HOUSING from 30 June to 2 July to provide information. You can find more information about the Tiny House Festival at: www.new-housing.de

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