The desire to carry home in the heart and enjoy freedom at the same time is in all of us! Wasn't a table usually enough for us as children as a cave, a tree house as a fortress, a sofa as a castle?

How much space do we need to feel good? To dream? To live?

Less is more! Tiny Houses are small, but offer exactly as much space as you need. They can be designed individually and can be moved anywhere.

The NEW HOUSING - As it was and will be again!

Our Premium Partner - Wohnglü

We would like to thank all our partners for their great support, so that the festival becomes widely known. A particularly important partner is the platform Wohnglück, which bundles many contributions around the topic and thus offers an important source of information. Read more about Wohnglück here.

NEW HOUSING inspires Tiny House fans

2022 we were overrun! After a two-year break, the festival that celebrates alternative forms of housing finally took place.

This weekend it was proven again that the Tiny House community is getting bigger and bigger, as around 7000 visitors attended the event.

WHEN, WHAT, WHERE - Opening hours of the Tiny House Festival 2023

date opening hours location & organizer expected exhibitors
30. june - 02. july 2023 Friday, 30. june,
Saturday, 01. july,
Sunday, 02. july 2023

10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Messe Karlsruhe
Messeallee 1
76287 Rheinstetten
about 50 and 20 different Tiny Houses

LESS IS MORE - This awaits you

In Germany, interest in alternative forms of housing has been growing for years. Many people, whether young or old, single, with a family, or retired, want to own their own home. Small forms of housing are becoming increasingly popular. Not only because of the (comparatively) affordable price or the reduction to the essentials, but because the way of life becomes much more flexible.

Whether as a student as a productive environment, the first own place to stay, for a family as a home or for retirees as a retreat, small housing forms offer individual solutions for every lifestyle and every age.

At the festival in Karlsruhe you will meet the entire Tiny House community from the German-speaking region: manufacturers, suppliers and Tiny House residents, associations, advice centers and service providers. Over the course of three days, you can interact directly with them. And marvel at more than 25 Tiny Houses from inside and outside!

Other questions will be answered by our program. First of all, the most important question: Does a Tiny House really suit me? And if so, what kind of tiny home is right for me?

Our program for the festival complements the exhibition and offers insights into successful self-build stories, topics such as self-sufficiency, sustainability and pitch search as well as informative literature.

You can round off your visit to the festival with a drink at our bar and a small, fine snack in a deck chair in the sun.

A selection of our partners

Portrait Britta Wirtz, Managing Director Messe Karlsruhe

Messe Karlsruhe is thus giving a high-growth trend topic that is both design-driven and sustainable a platform that is unique in Germany.

Britta Wirtz, Managing Director Messe Karlsruhe

Not enough yet? Review of the last years


The first Tiny House Festival was a complete success for everyone involved. Every third visitor of the double event LOFT/Tiny House Festival came to Karlsruhe in 2018 to see Tiny Houses. Messe Karlsruhe and the Tiny House Community are looking forward to a successful continuation of the festival in 2019.


The second Tiny House Festival also convinced with a successful festival atmosphere and over 5,000 visitors interested in the Tiny Houses. Messe Karlsruhe and the Tiny House Community are looking forward to the upcoming festival.


The NEW HOUSING - Tiny House Festival underlines the great interest in the Tiny House living trend. From 01 to 03 July 2022, around 7,000 Tiny House enthusiasts - significantly more than expected - came together at Europe's largest Tiny House Festival at Messe Karlsruhe to experience the diversity and range of small, alternative forms of living.

The final report of the festival 2022 can be found in the press releases.