14 Oct 2019

Tiny House Association founded for the German-speaking region

Messe Karlsruhe brings Tiny House community together

Founding members of the first Tiny House Association e. V. in the German-speaking world
Founding members of the Tiny House Verband e. V. (from left to right): Kay Stülpnagel (KMS Tiny House), Stephan Wöhltjen (Tiny-Guest-House), Frank Thieme (Project Manager of NEW Housing - Tiny House Festival of Messe Karlsruhe), Michael Heller (Tiny House Manufaktur), Britta Wirtz (Managing Director of Messe Karlsruhe), Markus Berger (Bauwagenwerk), Regina Schleyer (Tiny House Verein Karlsruhe), Dieter Puhane (Tiny House Rheinau), Vera Lindenbauer (Tiny House Diekmann), Simon Hatzing (Tiny House Studios), Michael Schittenhelm (Probemi), Kai Stückmann (Probemi) and Stefan Diekmann (Tiny House Diekmann). Photo: Messe Karlsruhe, Martin Wagenhan

The first association for the Tiny House community was founded on 12 October at the Messe Karlsruhe. The association "Tiny House Verband e. V." wants to establish itself as the mouthpiece of the Tiny House industry and in particular strengthen public relations for a relatively new form of housing. "For the foundation of a central association for the Tiny House industry, the Karlsruhe fairground is the perfect place, because this is where our NEW HOUSING - Tiny House Festival takes place every year. This platform has provided the meeting point for the community and thus laid the foundation for the association. As a market companion and supporter of the Tiny House scene, Messe Karlsruhe is also a founding member of the association," emphasises Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Messe Karlsruhe.

The association's goals are to support local authorities, to establish an association platform and a network between the various Tiny House players. The association is interested in bringing together people interested in Tiny Houses with manufacturers as well as associations, consultants or providers of Tiny House-related services. "All basic information on the topic of Tiny Houses in German-speaking countries is to be bundled and communicated on the association's platform. In addition, our association will act as a contact point for politicians and local authorities," reports Regina Schleyer, chairwoman of the newly founded interest group.

The commitment to founding a central Tiny House organisation was very great. Together, the Tiny House experts worked out a constitution and elected the members of the board.

About the NEW HOUSING - Tiny House Festival

The festival, which is unique in Germany, will take place for the third time at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre from 19 to 21 June 2020 and will showcase the diversity of the alternative living trend. Manufacturers, architects, craftsmen and self-builders as well as fans of the mobile houses and the newly founded association will exchange ideas at the meeting of the Tiny House community. At the last edition of the festival in May 2019, more than 10,000 visitors gathered information from 20 Tiny House manufacturers.

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