14 Dec 2023

Ministry of the Interior and Housing presents study on tiny houses

Tiny houses are becoming a serious alternative to the classic home for more and more people. The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of the Interior and Housing has now published a study on tiny houses. These are the most important findings.

Inflation and rising costs are increasingly presenting house builders with major challenges - and decisions. The question of whether to build a home is increasingly being answered in the negative. Tiny houses offer an alternative. Although they are smaller at around 40 square meters, they cost only a fraction of a conventional house at around 80,000 euros.

More than just a trend

The tiny house trend has therefore become a real alternative in the meantime. Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and the State Ministry of the Interior, Municipal Affairs, Housing and Sport of Schleswig-Holstein have commissioned a study on tiny houses - and have now published the results.

The study focused on the question of whether tiny houses can provide affordable housing on a mass scale. It also investigated which expectations tiny houses can and cannot meet.

The results

According to the ministry, one result is that there is no universally valid assessment. Expectations and fulfillment are as varied as tiny houses themselves.

According to the study, people don't just live in a tiny house for economic reasons. According to the ministry, the decision to choose a tiny house lifestyle is a conscious one. In addition to the costs, aspects such as the reduction in effort and responsibility, which are seen as liberating, play a decisive role. The study concludes that tiny house dwellers often lead a particularly reduced and sustainable lifestyle.

The whole study

According to the study, municipalities and investors see opportunities to use sealed areas or small spaces for building purposes. You can read the whole study HERE.(german version)

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