7 Feb 2024

Full program: Exciting presentations at the NEW HOUSING expert forum

What does the Green Deal mean for the European paint market? How do you finance a tiny house ethically? Or what does it mean to live in a tiny house? These and other topics will be discussed at the NEW HOUSING expert forum.

At NEW HOUSING - Europe's largest Tiny House Festival, visitors can view around 50 tiny houses of all kinds. In addition, more than 70 exhibitors will provide information on topics such as accessories, equipment and more.

Since its first edition in 2018, NEW HOUSING has also been a meeting place for the tiny house community. At the 2024 edition, experts will also be giving talks in the forum every day from morning to evening on topics of interest to mini-home enthusiasts.

The Green Deal

A presentation by Dutch company Ralston, for example, will focus on the Green Deal for the European paint market and what solutions are planned. According to the Association of the German Paint and Printing Ink Industry, the Green Deal is intended to "lay the foundations for a sustainable European Union and promises nothing less than a comprehensive transformation of the European economy". The aim of the Green Deal is for the European economy to grow and at the same time be modern, resource-conserving and circular. Ralston will also report on the topic of "Recognizing inspection errors on wood, identifying causes and learning about solutions."

Finance ethicly correct

Another topic in the expert forum is an essential one: financing a mini house - and doing so ethically. Ethik Bank shows how this can work. After the financial company exhibited at NEW HOUSING for the first time in 2023, the bank is also part of the Expert Forum this year.

The special thing about Ethik Bank is that it claims to be an ethical-ecological direct bank. This means that customers' money is not invested in companies that are active in the fields of armaments and nuclear power or that permit child labor. Companies in which the Ethikbank invests must also be actively committed to sustainable business practices.

The entire forum program can be found on the NEW HOUSING website.

The presentations of the past NEW HOUSING were all recorded (in german). They can be watched on the Tiny YouTube channel HERE.

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