27 Jun 2024

Discussion: How can tiny house developments be created?

The press talk took place for the first time in the run-up to NEW HOUSING. Experts from the industry discussed opportunities, hurdles and paths to the village of small houses. You can watch the talk on video.

There has been a tiny house settlement in Ettlingen since 2019, people have been living in a tiny house settlement in the village of Lilleby near Hamburg since 2020 and in Unterammergau since 2022. More and more municipalities want to create tiny house settlements in response to the lack of living space and rising property prices.

At the first NEW-HOUHSING press talk, experts from the industry discussed the opportunities, hurdles and paths to the village of tiny houses.

The panel was moderated by Chris Klerner. Together with his partner Caro Werner, the pair host the "tinyon" podcast. Klerner discussed with Regina Schleyer, who is the chairwoman of the Tiny House Association in Karlsruhe, which was founded in 2019. Fabian Müller from Vilcomo is an expert in connecting people and communities. Scientist Nadine Nebel at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences wants to find out how many square metres happiness needs. And Ramona Jonait, project manager at NEW HOUSING, has an excellent overview of the industry.


On the question of how best to proceed when planning a tiny house development, Müller said: "Developments or neighbourhoods stand or fall on political will. The best thing to do is to approach the mayor directly. You should take a structured approach. It is also important to involve the municipality if you want to create a tiny house neighbourhood."

Schleyer reported on geographical focuses: "In terms of manufacturers, it's quite well spread out geographically. There are a few associations in the north, more in the south. In Baden-Württemberg, we from the association always recommend: Take a look at the state building regulations. There is experimental living there."

Nebel replied to the question of how housing estates with mini houses can be created: "The right people have to be in the right places to make decisions. Some people try something out and see how it works. The whole thing is a process."

When asked about the visitors to the Tiny House Festival, Jonait said: "We have visitors at NEW HOUSING who are interested in short-term housing solutions. However, the majority who come to us want long-term solutions. In general, we have a very colourful mix of visitors - from young to old."

Watch the discussion on video

Interested parties can watch the entire press talk on video - on the NEW HOUSING website or on the YouTube channel of Europe's largest Tiny House Festival.

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